Plastic Extrusion Machine

We are involved in developing an extensive assortment of Plastic Extrusion Machine that is prepared to offer finest performance in a very constant & durable manner. Our reliable machines are qualitatively prepared with high score materials with the leading edge skill in adherence to the global quality standards. These machines are particularly applied in the manufacture of diverse types of plastic sheets for their  industrial as well as commercial uses.


PVC Pipe Making Machine

We are marked as top manufacturer and supplier of PVC pipe extrusion machine. Having in-house advanced facilities, we have developed a reliable range of machine. We have developed a varied range of models with various capacity possibilities.

It is accessible with 11 kWscrew diameter is extruder drive to 56 kW extruder drive. The offered screw diameter of our machine ranges from 52 mm to 91 mm. our exclusive product line of PVC pipe extrusion machine is top loved for its constant, flawless manufacture.

We also pay attention to tailor prepared machines that are delivered with particular conformations. It is delivered for high-speed processing. It is positively used for its improved output ratio. Suitable homogenization is also reserved up as best quality feature.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Machinery

PVC pipe extrusion machinery is mostly practical in the manufacturing of PVC pipes of dissimilar diameters & depth for resourceful usage.
With the ability of our specialists and their advanced designs, we manufacturing wide collection of Pipe extrusion machine. Our machineries are prepared with quality materials & mechanisms by employing the most advanced skill. These offer efficient functionality & reliable presentation.