Underwater pelletizer

Pelletizing is the process of compressing or molding any material into a shape of pellet. Special pelletizer are made for making pellets of various types underwater processing. They are used in anti fab master batch, rigid PVC pipe, woven sack and other industries like recycling of PP/PE. Various polymer can be processed in the underwater pelletizer like polyolefin, styrene polymer, polycarbonates and polyamide. We provide various type of models with latest features. The output capacity of the machines is from 250-500 kg/hr.

Underwater pelletizerAdvantages:

  • Closed water cycle
  • Safe pelletizing process
  • No product oxidization
  • Dust free working
  • Ideal melt distribution
  • Variable size pellet: 1mm to 5mm

HDPE pipe plant

High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are made up of polyethylene and are an effective solution for piping problems in various fields like municipal and industrial applications and marine industries. These pipes can easy port water, waste water, chemicals and even compressed gases. They offer high potential in both economic and technical field. These pipes are generally manufactured in a single screw extruder. We offer HDPE pipe plant that is effective in manufacturing the pipes with high efficiency and perfection. In the plant HDPE pipes can be fabricated in various dimensions, thickness and length as per the requirement of the client.

HDPE pipe plantApplications of HDPE pipes:

  • Drinking water supply lines
  • Irrigation lines
  • Fuel gas line
  • Mining industry
  • Disposal lines
  • Sewage lines
  • Marine industries

Plastic processing machinery

Our index covers extensive manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers & authorized of plastic processing machinery in all layouts and make. They can overture a large scale of both new and used plastic processing equipment and Plastic Processing Machines, Which can be exported to your demands destination in no time.

All our recorded companies have connected and instructed plastic processing machinery plants to acclaimed customers, Home and Overseas both. Plastic Processing MachineryIn behalf of the massive experience & qualified team of guidance, we are capable to offer plastic processing machinery to our admirable customers. These plastic processing machinery offered by us are made apply high level of raw materials, which is obtained from trustworthy vendors of the market.


High Intensity Mixer can be anticipation of as mixing that demand lots of energy and heat. The typical speed of the admix tools will be greater than 25 meters per second. Chemical reflections are basically executed in such procedures where amalgamation or retention is necessary. They can be used to create collection and vacuum dry materials.

Our High Intensity Mixer made with Standard, Direct-DrHIGH INTENSITY MIXERvie, and budget friendly E-Series designs. Our High Intensity Mixers are manufactured with efficiency and user friendliness in mind.

These high intensity mixers are well-suited to mix plastic, additive chemical again dyes. These machines are silent in their use yet conduct rapidly & are available with us at apt expenditure range.

Vacuum Sizing Tanks

Prime Margo’s Vacuum Calibration Sizing Tanks are manufactured for the Vacuum Calibration Tank - Manufacture , Supplier , Exploreprocedure of Plastic figuration in many kind of rigid & adjustable materials. Tanks can be supplied in a different kind of cross departments & lengths with verity of manifold & cooling options. Here also action hot water thickens of the front section of minimizes flection in profiles with remaining thicknesses. Heavy-duty bulkheads are suitable to the front section for mounting of client’s calibrators.

Product can be submersed or spray cooled, depending on options chosen. All tanks are produced of stainless steel & incorporate non-corrosive internal factors.  Profile calibration tanks also quality multi-port water & vacuum reflect with individual control valve, Stainless steel overflow trays with full length & width.

All Prime Margo tanks are applicable with alternative features such as closed curve circulation organization with High output pumps & Stainless steel suppliers, Multiple Vacuum pumps.There are some standard features of Vacuum Calibration TankBelow are the Standard Features of Vacuum Calibration Tank: –

  1. Multi – Function Vacuum Tanks.
  2. Heavy duty instant bulk-heads.
  3. Full length Stainless steel excess pans.
  4. High performance liquid vacuum pumps.
  5. Durable and 100% leak proof.


Pulverizer MachinePulverizers are special type of machines used for grinding varied types of materials. They are used for processing medium hard, brittle and impact resistant materials. Pulverizers are used in applications to pulverize granules of plastic bottles, tubes, sheets, film waste and other products of chemical and food industry. Firstly the material is introduced in the center of grinder which has a high speed rotating disc. This centrifugal force grinds the material and the powder is collected in the bowler. This machine has various features like: low power consumption, low maintenance, easy to clean, robust design.

PVC Compounding Machine

Our company is the leading PVC compounding machine manufacturer in India. We ensure that the PVC Compounding Machines we provide are made up of leading technology. We offer exclusive range of compounding machines with rigid construction. The materials and components are of supreme quality. A range of specifications and size are available for our customers.PVC Compounding Machine

Our machines offer smooth and optimal performance and are easy to operate. An expert team is assigned to make handle the manufacturing process and make best quality machines. We offer vast range and provide them at excellent prices to our client’s.